Monday, 12 March 2012

Sting Animation - Group Work

After looking through everyone's brilliant sting Animation (I was away on this day...)
I have put into a group with my friend, we have got told to work on my friend's animation.

The theme is the British animation of 1970s. Our work is going to be very simple but with emotional scenes and unique characters.

My job is to draw the character design, we are keeping the main part of the initial ideas and then develop slightly to make them better to animate.

Also I am going to draw a few more extra items, such as Balloon, rocket etc... plus the background image that I will be designing.

The image on the left is the practise drawing of the main characters. Left character is an astronaut who is also a father of the right character, a Boy.
His Father went to the space and the boy hasn't seen him for while.

The main plot of this story is the 'Family's Love' and 'Reunited'. We will be focusing on how to represent these emotions with using simple characters and designs.

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