Sunday, 28 October 2012

Second year - Fire again

Fire modelling take 2. Now it looks more like fire but very very thin. Almost looks like its burning from the candle or something. It's not really an 'Hell fire' as I am looking for more agressive burning.

But getting there, much better than last time.

Second year - Working on Fire

I wanted to add fluid effects of fire on the setting to represent the Hell theme... so far, not so good.
I have used fluid effects to make fire but the adjustment of the setting is so complicated.
It may look fine on the screen but when I render it doesn't look like fire...

It almost looks like liquid, not fire.  The setting must be wrong...




Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Second year - Sound Project

Here's my sound project work.

Music by Bob Acri - Sleep Away

Second year - Texturing

I've added textures onto my layout to get the brief idea of what it would look like.

... At the moment it doesn't look like Hell at all, I will need background image (such as red sky) and more props (possibly weapons?)

Also I want to model fire as well, so I will be working onto this next.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Second year - Working on 3D layout

I've been feeling pretty rough this week so I couldn't make much of a progress. But I have properly started modelling my hell layout on Maya and so far, not too bad.

I still need to add more details and everything but the base layout will look like this. The swing is at around the centre of the layout. I might make a change to move it slightly to the left so that Norman can enter at the middle of the layout. 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Second year - New animatic

New animatic done, I've made a few changes, added more details with sound.

I have been ill for past few days so I couldn't make much of a progress this week. But Im glad that I got this animatics done...

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Second year - New storyboard

New storyboard with a few changes.

This time no heaven scene at the end, added more at the beginning with more expression on Norman. I took out the speech of the swing so rather than him talking he only smiles instead.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Second year - Changes

Had another chat with my tutor and I have decided to cancel the idea of the heaven completely, so the story will finish with Norman flying up into the air.

It is a bit shame to take out the scenes that I was working on, but from this changes the process will be much easier and from now I only need to concentrate on the layout of the Hell. I can spend more time on props and backgrounds and possibly add more scenes to make the animation last longer.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Second year - Animatic

An animatic of my story.

Second year - Background

A few drawings of background that I could apply for the background on Heaven.


Second year - More advice!

Had a chat with my tutor again to get more ideas and whether I am actually 'on the track' with everything. Thankfully I am not behind, (not ahead, but better than behind) and the idea that I am going for is acceptable for this project. However there are quite a few tweeks that I need to make to improve my work even better.

The first point is the layout size. To make sure the camera woun't caught any 'ends' of the layout I need to make the layout at least 3 times bigger than the area that I will be filming so that my camera can come in at any angle. Also for the Hell layout I should think about the sizes more because the more scenes will be filmed in the Hell.

The second, and the major point is the Heaven. Just because the Heaven will only appear for a few seconds its also very important settings since it concludes the story.
The size of the layout will also has to be bigger than the area that I will be filming, same as Hell. But since the layout is going to be at the Heaven I wanted to model the clouds so that it brings more of the Heaven taste. But here's some problem. Modelling clouds will be easy but it would not look realistic at all. As I have done a bit of practise earlier it just looks too solid and it almost looks like something else. I also tryed fluid tool to get more realistic texture but these are for backgrounds which does not includes interaction. Fluid tool lets me create the exact texture that I am going for, but it doesn't let me to interact with other object. I want Norman to bounce onto the cloud but with the fluid tool I cannot do that.
One of my friend has given me a good advice of using both of the tools to get the exact actions that I am going for. He reccomended me to model a few cloud (not with fluid tool, actually modelling) and cover them up with the cloud that I created with fluid tool. So that it creates the illusion of Norman bouncing on the cloud that actually looks realistic rather than the horrible solid cloud.

Third one is the background. Even the layout modelling went well if the background is plain then it ruins everything. So I've learned how to use Alpha on Photoshop so that it would be useful. I will be working on the background later to practise the Alpha.

So... I am left with billions of work to do, so it should keep me busy for while!

Second year - A bit of break...

Challence accepted (sort of...) so to procrastinate a little bit from the main work I have tryed to model a hurricane lamp on Maya. It hasn't got the handle yet but I have created the basic body of the lamp.

When I first saw the reference picture I thought... how on earth am I supposed to model this!?
So I took a deep breath and stared at the picture for while... and realised, actually, its not impossible. It just requires a lot of time and effort.

I started off with a basic cylinder and worked the bottom part and gradually building up to the top part. It was fun to do this process. I will be working on the handle next.

Second year - Maya props again...

 Making arrows again.

Second year - Cloud again

My first attempt of using fluid effects.

This one is much more realistic than my first attempt, but if I be honest this one was really really REALLY hard to create! so I'm not sure whether I want to use this tool or not.

Using fluid tool was something very new for me, it was very confusing to start off with but I eventually understood (ish) the technique.

Second year - Spiral again

Another attempt of making a spiral. This time I have used bend tool to create more smooth curve.

I want to use this tool to create the metal gate on Heaven, the spiral effect which we see it often on the metal gate.

Now I have figured out how to make a spiral, I need to work out the best angle and best bending sizes to get the right size for the gate.

Second year - Maya cloud

Trying to model the cloud on Maya. To start off with I simply made a lot of sphere and gather them up in different shape and angles.

At this stage I feel that this doesn't look much like the cloud, I need to work on this more.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Second year - Chain practice

Another practicing modelling for tonight - I have created the chain for the swing. This time it's thicker so the chain looks stronger. The previous one's chain was actually too thin and looked too weak to handle human weight.

Second year - props

Another attempt on Maya... making an arrow for the decoration on the Hell.
I haven't modelled the feather part so I will work on that tomorrow.

Second year - Spiral

Practicing making spiral on Metal gate. I have used vertex tool to get the spiral shape, but it doesn't create the smooth surface since I have been tweeking a lot of vertex.

Second year - Layout again and again...

I have been very ill for past few days and I am regretting myself that I should've pushed myself to do some work, so since I am getting tiny bit better right now I am forcing myself to work (pretending to slap myself with a giant whip) since I can't make an illness as an excuse to not work.

Anyway, enough with me talking random stuff, I have got the full ideas of my both layout.
Hell is going to be a full of mountains with a prop such as burnt trees, weapons etc. It will also have the scary-looking cave/building with evil face. This building would not be interacted with Norman.

I also did the heaven sketch, heaven will be very simple since it will only appear for a few seconds. but I want to make a gate which I got the inspiration from the research. I want to create the curly (?) patterns on the gate. I will be working on them on Maya next.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Second year - Maya layout

Trying to model a simple layout on Hell. This is just a practise just to get some ideas of what I could do to this.
I will be adding more props onto this, but for the initial ideas I have placed the swing on the left hand side. Norman will enter from the right hand side (walking straight line towards to the swing.

I also wanted to build some kind of a castle/cave looking object in the background (Normal woun't be interacting with this building)
I wanted to create the scary-looking face onto the building so I have used Interactive split tool to
create the eyes and the spikey teeth-looking entrance.

Second year - Maya

Modelling a swing on Maya.
I wanted to keep the shape as simple as possible, but for the chain I wanted to add details so I've created a chain rather than a simple rope.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Second year - Hell research again

Another research of Hell here.

I wanted to add a small decoration to represent the 'hell taste' so I thought about a weapon and maybe a skeleton (bones, skull etc).

When I think about hell the first thing comes up in my head is punishment. Hell is a very dark and evil, everything is negative and my impression of hell is that people get's punishment. So I thought about researching an weapon that maybe I could model on Maya.

I searched for medieval weapons, from the research I found out that most of the Hell images has weapons that lookes like it's from medieval times.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Second year - Storyboard 2

I have done another storyboard with more details this time.

I have added a bit more scene into some of the part and also added more emotions on Norman and Swing.

I will need to model a swing on Maya and how to model his face... this could be the challenge for me.