Thursday, 11 October 2012

Second year - More advice!

Had a chat with my tutor again to get more ideas and whether I am actually 'on the track' with everything. Thankfully I am not behind, (not ahead, but better than behind) and the idea that I am going for is acceptable for this project. However there are quite a few tweeks that I need to make to improve my work even better.

The first point is the layout size. To make sure the camera woun't caught any 'ends' of the layout I need to make the layout at least 3 times bigger than the area that I will be filming so that my camera can come in at any angle. Also for the Hell layout I should think about the sizes more because the more scenes will be filmed in the Hell.

The second, and the major point is the Heaven. Just because the Heaven will only appear for a few seconds its also very important settings since it concludes the story.
The size of the layout will also has to be bigger than the area that I will be filming, same as Hell. But since the layout is going to be at the Heaven I wanted to model the clouds so that it brings more of the Heaven taste. But here's some problem. Modelling clouds will be easy but it would not look realistic at all. As I have done a bit of practise earlier it just looks too solid and it almost looks like something else. I also tryed fluid tool to get more realistic texture but these are for backgrounds which does not includes interaction. Fluid tool lets me create the exact texture that I am going for, but it doesn't let me to interact with other object. I want Norman to bounce onto the cloud but with the fluid tool I cannot do that.
One of my friend has given me a good advice of using both of the tools to get the exact actions that I am going for. He reccomended me to model a few cloud (not with fluid tool, actually modelling) and cover them up with the cloud that I created with fluid tool. So that it creates the illusion of Norman bouncing on the cloud that actually looks realistic rather than the horrible solid cloud.

Third one is the background. Even the layout modelling went well if the background is plain then it ruins everything. So I've learned how to use Alpha on Photoshop so that it would be useful. I will be working on the background later to practise the Alpha.

So... I am left with billions of work to do, so it should keep me busy for while!

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