Thursday, 27 September 2012

Second year - Storyboard

Second year - Advice

I had a chat with my tutor about my idea, and he came across with a few advices that I can think about.

I need to think of the 'actual' location. At the moment I have the idea of children's playground but where at? It could be anywhere. For example, an old playground at the wasteland?

So... location in more depth. Firstly I thought about the oriental garden.
But swing and oriental garden? It's a little bit
So Firstly I thought about changing the swing into the Koi fish.
Maybe norman becomming friends with this Koi fish? I thought it could still work with my original Idea how the fish talks in Frankenstein.
But Cons - it requires me to model and rig the fish which will be very VERY challenging since I am not the most amazing and brilliant Maya-ing person... (Is Maya-ing even a word?)

If I decided that I want to stick with the idea of swing I came across with another location which is Heaven and Hell.
Maybe the swing flyes Norman from Hell to the Heaven?

Hell and Heaven. For the Hell I got the inspiration from the old chinese drawings of Hell.
For the Heaven I have looked at the paintings, with bright blue sky with shining sunlight, thick carpet of clouds that continues forever...
SO, I thought it was interesting to use 2 locations with this. But it does requires me to model 2 different location which will also be challenging.

I think I would like to stick with my swing ideas and play around with it to see which one is the best location.

Second year - A bit of Maya

Second year - a few changes

I thought it would be more interesting if the actual 'swing' talks, rather than making (and rigging) another character.

So, here's the Mr.swing...

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Second year - Storyboard (explanation)

Somehow I couldn't type anything on the previous post so here is the story.

1. Norman Sitting on the swing, looking down.

2. A random person appears and sits next to him. (Maybe a foreigner?)
    Norman says "Before you came I was all alone. It is bad to be alone"

3. A random person stands on his swing

4. Zoom in of random person's face and say "Alone... bad..." looking down

5. "Friend... Good..." looking up.

6.  He starts to swing the swing higher and higher

7. They both flyes off to the sky

Second year - Storyboard idea 1

Second year - Sound

I found this clip from the film "The Bride of Frankenstein" (1935)

From 0:13 onwards they talk about the friends and loneliness.

"I was all alone... It is bad... to be alone"

"Alone... Bad... Friend... Good..."

I thought this clip was perfect for my theme since I was looking for these loneliness theme.

Second year - Story ideas

When I was thinking of an ideas I wanted to make a theme first to get my mind more clear.

The theme that I was thinking of is: Lonely, Friends, Independent...

Somehow these themes came up instantly and I thought I could make an interesting emotions from these theme.
The actual story idea that I have is that the character (norman) is alone with no friends, he is always sad and miserable but one day he makes a friends and becomes happy.

My location is a children's park, so I thought maybe he could make a friend in the park? maybe another person? or the actual equipment (e.g. Talking equipment)

I wanted to stick with simple ideas with depth, so a lot of emotions (starts off with sad, then he surprises by making friends suddenly, and becomes happy)

Second year - Misunderstanding!

Somehow I was designing my own character yesterday, but I got told that we are using the character which has already been rigged (Norman) so I have to throw this character away for now.

I was originally thinking of a girl sitting on a swing, feeling lonely with no friends... etc.

But I guess I can use the same story ideas for the already been made characters... I hope.

Second year - Layout

When we first got mentioned that we need to think of a layout (or location) somehow I instantly thought of a children's playground.

So I started some research of the equipment that we see in children's playground I thought the swings will make an interesting equipment to animate with character (norman).

I started from drawing the swings and from the research I was amazed there are a lot of types of swings. Personally I have only seen the standard style which I have drawn on the right.

Also there are different types of chain as well. I personally like the rope handle because it is the most safest one (I think?) I had a bad experience of getting my hand skin stuck in between the metal chains when I was young.
Also the chain with a long bar in between is what I see the most in many playground.


Despite the fact I was sick for most of the day last year of course I have managed to (more like miracle?) creep into second year of course!

So, second year has started from this Monday, I am now living in Lincoln so no more annoying commuting! So hopefully I woun't end up like last year where I was physically unable to travel to Uni everyday with annoying illness. But now Illness is almost gone, no more travelling so I should be able to concentrate more this year :)

This year's project sounds more hard, when I first heard our project I was like, 'Oh man it sounds so hard...' But I will work through it step by step and hopefully I will be able to actually 'do it'.

Fingers crossed for my illness woun't kick in this year!!