Saturday, 25 February 2012

Life Drawing (Catching up again and again and again)

Life Drawing (Catching up again and again)

These are my hand studies again when I was off ill. I really enjoy drawing hands so Ive tryed a lot of different styles (poses?).

Life Drawing (First Week)

I totally forgot to upload my first week (of this year) of my work, so its a bit late but they are my first week of the life drawing.
It was really hard to draw the clothes, with creases, drape, shape... but it was definitely a good experience to draw something new.

Sting Animation - Character Design

Maya - Character Design 3

USB again. Took me a while to work out the shape of the USB and all the inside parts (that metal parts!) I have used a I pod USB connector as a reference to get the ideas and shapes.

The third Image is what it would look when the object is rounded... It doesn't look too good...

Maya - Character Design 2

Mouse with USB connector. 

Maya - Character Design

For my Maya project I have decided to create a character from the PC mouse. What I would like to do is to create a mouse that moves and acts like a real animal Mouse. 

I have started creating this model by using a NURBS primitives to create the base shape. Then duplicate the shapes and change the sizes and rotation to create this unique mouse shape. I have then used a loft tool to create an object.

I am still on the process of making the USB connector and the click buttons.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Life Drawing (Catching up work for my absense) Part 2

Im ill Im ill Im ILL!!!

This illness is getting on my nerves now. Again I haven't been able to attend to Uni for so long (over a week now) I have been trying to catch up with my Life drawings. This time I have tryed drawing my feet with different angles. The top one is with felt tips and the bottom one is by my favourite charcoal. Its interesting how the different materials makes the different style of drawings. Felt tip pens are more strong and sharp but the charcoal is softer and sort of simplified the shapes.

I wish I could attend to University...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Life Drawing (Catching up work for my absense) Part 1

I had to miss 3 life drawing session in raw because of the illness... so my tutor has given me some tasks to do while I am at home recovering from the nasty illness that I got for many weeks now.

Personally I really enjoyed this drawings of my hand. It was a bit difficult to get the shades and tones right but as I get the hang of them it was fairly simple and made me realise how interesting the shape of the hands are. Hands are what we see and what we use all the time but we tends to not concentrate on the actual shapes and shadings of our own hands. It was really interesting to actually sit and stare at my hands and draw.
I have used charcoal to draw them. I personally love charcoal (apart from all the messiness!) because its really easy to get the right tones. also depending on how we hold them charcoal can create so many different thickness of lines. I normally hold charcoal with just my thumb and index finger. (because if I hold them properly it breaks...)

HOPEFULLY I will be able to attend to the next life drawing session, I really really love life drawings and I feel so shame everytime I had to miss because of the illness... I am trying so hard to catch up with all the work I am missing at home while I am in bed recovering...
Lets hope my health will get better this week and finally attends to uni...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sting Animation - Layout

LAYOUT is my biggest nightmare... I always struggle with layouts.
For this animation I thought the simple line drawings of buildings would be suitable because the character is simple, if the buildings was in full detail the layout would probably stands out more than the character. So I have sort of drawin a plan of my Layout... As you can see its very VERY simple drawings of buildings and houses. I have only used simple shapes such as square, triangle, circle etc...

I think I will need to work on the layout more, maybe try a couple more compositions and then see which one would match with the characters. Also I think I am going to stick with a simple warm tone colours such as gray, light brown etc...

Sting Animation - Storyboard

Sting Animation - Animatic

Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Project - Sting Animation

Welcome 2012... I have started this new year with illness...
I have been missing Universities for many days now. I've been to the Doctors but they don't know why I am ill... Ive tryed many medicines but it seems to not want to work on me. Kept feeling fainty and ugh, horrible!! BUT but but I've been trying to work alot at home while Im recovering. Seriously when I'm ill, I'm actually VERY ill that I can't even sit still and work...

Anyway. Our new project is creating a short Sting Animation (20 seconds). We've been creating our own storyboard and character designs etc. For my ideas I wanted to keep my animation as simple as possible, I didn't want to do something too complicated (NOT because Im lazy, I just like the way the look of simple animation)

I have done a couple of character design after I created my basic storyboard.

Now I am on the process of creating the animatic... I have some feeling it will be WAY longer than 20 seconds. I'm gonna have to see which scenes I can trim or add or swap etc etc etc...