Thursday, 27 September 2012

Second year - Advice

I had a chat with my tutor about my idea, and he came across with a few advices that I can think about.

I need to think of the 'actual' location. At the moment I have the idea of children's playground but where at? It could be anywhere. For example, an old playground at the wasteland?

So... location in more depth. Firstly I thought about the oriental garden.
But swing and oriental garden? It's a little bit
So Firstly I thought about changing the swing into the Koi fish.
Maybe norman becomming friends with this Koi fish? I thought it could still work with my original Idea how the fish talks in Frankenstein.
But Cons - it requires me to model and rig the fish which will be very VERY challenging since I am not the most amazing and brilliant Maya-ing person... (Is Maya-ing even a word?)

If I decided that I want to stick with the idea of swing I came across with another location which is Heaven and Hell.
Maybe the swing flyes Norman from Hell to the Heaven?

Hell and Heaven. For the Hell I got the inspiration from the old chinese drawings of Hell.
For the Heaven I have looked at the paintings, with bright blue sky with shining sunlight, thick carpet of clouds that continues forever...
SO, I thought it was interesting to use 2 locations with this. But it does requires me to model 2 different location which will also be challenging.

I think I would like to stick with my swing ideas and play around with it to see which one is the best location.

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