Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sting - Group Opinion...

Since we are on our final week I thought I would write my opinion towards to our group.

Half way through the term I had to move groups because I had a bit of problem with my previous group. Ive moved into Kelly and Laura's group (they have kindly accepted me to join their group even it was half way through the term!) and I felt much happier and comfortable.

The first thing I thought about this group is that both Kelly and Laura has very high level of skills, when I first saw their work I did get a bit nervous because I didn't know whether I would be able to catch up with their skills, at the very beginning I couldn't even use Flash... But they have kindly helped me to catch up and helped me using Flash and everything else that I needed to catch up.
Also I had/have another problem... I have medical conditions that I can't quite estimate my further health condition. Often I had to stay at home and rest which I believe it has made our group a bit difficult. But they have communicated me via e-mails and texts and telling me what I could do while I am at home in bed, so even I had to miss some of the days I still felt like I was a part of group. My health has interrupted me so much and I know that I could have done better if I wasn't ill so often, I would like to appologise for how I was been since I've joined into the group!

Our working process... I think we are doing well to reach the deadline, we didn't really need to rush to get the work done, it was a good pace (not too slow or fast) and it didn't stressed me out at all.
Our director, Kelly was really good at directing me and she was very clear of what she wanted me to do, so I didn't have much of a problem while producing our animation. Also she was mostly happy with what I did and when there was a problem she instantly told me the problem so that I was able to make a change. When I give her my part of work she always checked it instantly so that was very helpful. Her drawings are fantastic, very professional so sometimes when I had to clean the drawings up I felt very nervous!
Laura has helped me a lot on Flash, she was also very clear and once she gave me a lecture (?) of what I need to do, I was able to do it with no difficulties. Also she often gave me some advices while I was in the process of some of the scenes. These advices was very helpful and it has helped a lot to improve our animation. Also her attitude towards to this project was very good, she always told me and kelly to 'Work!!' and it had really helped us to just crack on.

Overall I really enjoyed and very happy that Ive joined into this group, I don't think I would have been able to improve my own skills and feeling comfortable if I was working on my own. I would just love to say a big THANK YOU for Kelly and Laura, again, who let me join into their group.

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