Thursday, 10 January 2013

Second year - New term, new project

2013 has begin, and new term has started. I'm actually surprised how times goes pass so quick.

This term we are looking into 'our future', as in what kind of job would we want to get in future.
I will start off by researching 2D pre-production pipeline and both UK and Japanese companies.

Although I am still confused with what kind of job I would like to get, so I think this project will be a good opportunity to clear my mind and hopefully find out what exactly I want to be.

So far, I know that I am into 2D more than 3D. I like story boarding, character design and making animatics. I especially enjoy story boarding every time we make animations, so I will be looking into that in depth.

As for the company I have always been interested in Studio Ghibli, the great director Hayao Miyazaki makes amazing 2D based work. I will be looking into his performance, branding and the skills that Studip Ghibli would require to the new worker.

So... I hope I can achieve these tasks this week.

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