Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Second year - Finished

I have finished this project - Norman animation.

Music - From Hell Sound track - Whitechapel Murders
Sound effect - soundbible.com

This project was very challenging since I always find Maya difficult (last year I struggled A LOT) and also it was very first time to animate rigged character Norman and it took me a while to get used to with using controls WITH re-capping all the Maya tutorials I had last year. There were a lot of new things to try this term and I can definitely tell second year is much harder than first year.
But on the positive side I did enjoy animating Norman and working on Maya which helped me to improve my skills, finding out my own ways to model an object and making layout with using polygon etc. The best part of this project was that I actually started to enjoy working with Maya, also learning new skills was fun every time. Animating Norman was definitely a fun task to do, it was funny how we could do pretty much anything on Norman, moving arms, Legs, face... there were so many controls on Norman and I was amazed how much you can do to him. His face control was amusing because moving his eye browse changes his expression instantly, but it was hard to get the right expression since there were so many controls.
Hardest part of this project was definitely the Norman's joints, joints as in Knee, Elbow etc... they tends to bend in the wrong way and sometimes it ruined the entire animation because of it.
Another hard moment was actually not from the project, my health issues did interrupt so many times and I often had to miss the lecture because of it. So I've decided to organise the working time so that I can rest fully while I am sick. Since my health issues kicks in a pattern I have decided to work as much as I could on the sick-free week. Also since I have busy plans during Christmas I have decided to finish all my work before Christmas so that I won't need to worry about working over Christmas. I think I have managed to successfully organise the working time since I have managed to finish my work before the original deadline.
Lastly I have enjoyed this project and I feel that I have actually 'worked' reasonably hard. In future I will probably play around on Maya and use Norman to mess around...just for fun :)

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