Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Layout (Developed 4)

I am struggling with Layout design... I just cannot think of a good design!! Looking at other peoples work really made me feel bad, I kept on thinking, Why can't I do it??  Why can't I be as good as them? The answer is because I didn't understand the concept of 'Layout design' at all. I wasn't thinking about layers, colours, tone, shadings... I went to the Photoshop tutorial and got very good advice on actually 'how to use photoshop'. I was amazed how we can do so many things on Photoshop!! at the same time I felt really stupid about how I didn't know anything about them. Ive decided to re-think about my layouts, I think I want to create a dark theme layouts because I just think the night darkness is beautiful, it creates mysterious, scary, horror, lonely theme... I just thought it would be perfect for my character too. SO, I am going to re-design my layouts again, hopefully I can create a better version next time... fingers crossed.

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